The Lemon Tree Project

Can you see a lemon tree in every street? We can!

The Lemon Tree Project is about creating a space in every street for neighbours to congregate and share.

Picture this: A beautiful burgeoning lemon tree and a park bench. This is what we are proposing.

Lets face it, we don’t all have room for a lemon tree in our backyards and why should we need to when we have so much available space on our nature strips and verges. Lemon trees are versatile and abundant and lemons are almost infinitely useful.

One lemon tree can provide enough fruit to serve a street full of people so why not share a tree with your neighbours? I mean how many people who have a lemon tree use all of the lemons themselves? Not many!

We’re sending out an invitation to the people of world: Come join the revolution! Get out there and plant a lemon tree in your street.

We want to know who is getting on board so write to us. Tell us your stories and share your photos. We’ll post your stories up on the blog so that everyone can be inspired by the great work you have done for your community.

Our cities need more food production and this is one simple way that you can help bring food security to the cities of the world.

Of course, it doesn’t have to end at lemon trees. How about mandarines and oranges planted along the school run? Pre-packaged school snacks anyone?

Now, this project does not belong to us – it belongs to you! Together we can change the world, one street at a time.


3 thoughts on “The Lemon Tree Project

  1. Margaret Ollrich says:

    Hi, I think this a great Idea, but not everyone need’s lemons. I’d prefer stone fruit trees, In many areas ornamental plum trees line the streets, and yes the fruit although small is eatable, I used to encourage my children to eat them on the way to and from school as I did myself. If any of you have them near your home, it’s worth the effort to feed and water them, But there’s the problem with birds, perhaps mandarin or orange? Cheers, Marg.

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