Leader Local Grants – We Won!

We’re stoked. We even made the front page! We had a little trouble sharing the actual clipping so we’ve posted it below for you. Many thanks to the Hume Leader and to everyone who voted for our project.

Hume Leader 31 July 2012

A group’s dream of having communal lemon trees around Hume will soon become a reality thanks to the Leader Local Grants Campaign. Jodi Jackson will lead the project, which she says will bring communities together. THE sweet dream of sour lemons hanging from trees in Hume streets will soon become a reality. 

The Lemon Tree Project has received $1000 as part of the inaugural Leader Local Grants campaign.

They will plant communal lemon trees across Hume.

The group will establish five sites with their grant cash, including at the entrance of the Craigieburn Community Garden and at the Craigieburn Global Learning Centre.


6 thoughts on “Leader Local Grants – We Won!

    • thelemontreeproject says:

      Hi Trevor,
      Yes it won’t go far I’m afraid. The trees won’t cost very much at all however, since the park bench is such an important community building part of the project they will eat into much of the budget. Of course the benches need to meet council regulations so they can’t just be any old bench. Then we also have to factor in signage. Being pilot sites, we need to provide information to the community so that they can learn about the project & how they can get involved. We do have plans to give away a heap of trees at a coming event but we will need to first build greater awareness of the project & gather more funds to enable that event to take place.

      Best regards,

  1. Begona Foncueva says:

    Hi Jodi, I’ve always thought council should put lemon, olive, lime trees on nature strips. I’d gladly have one outside my house in Bentleigh Victoria. But would glen eira council cut down the horrid pittosporum currently there to allow a lemon tree to be planted ?

    • thelemontreeproject says:

      Hi Begona, Thanks for leaving a comment. Indeed, I think that councils get a bit wary about the streets being filled with fruit trees that people won’t use but we always remind them that we are just talking about 1 tree in each street. Well, we’ll cut our teeth on the first tree and take it from there hey =)

    • thelemontreeproject says:

      Hi Begona,

      I would suggest that if there is an existing tree in your nature strip then it should stay – even if its not to your taste. There will be an appropriate place for a Lemon Tree Project site in your street, it just may not be right outside your house. Have you spoken to your neighbours about the idea of creating a communal space? Engaging your neighbours in the project is absolutely important to the success of these sites. It also need not be on the nature strip. Is there a public reserve nearby? It may even be at the front of yours or your neighbours front yard. We need to think laterally but there will be an appropriate site in your street!

      Let us know how you get on.

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