Sima – Finland’s favourite brew!


Sima is the traditional drink of Finland’s Vappu festival – the memorial day of Saint Labor.

It is essentially a mead, which to some might not sound all that appetising, but I can assure you that it is delicious with its sweet honey and lemon flavour.

Don’t worry, it’s non-alcoholic! We don’t allow the Sima to ferment long enough to produce any significant level of alcohol.

We’ve been brewing up a big batch for the Hume Food Summit this week where we will have a “Lemonade Stand”. If you’re coming along please drop in for a Sima and say hi.

Sima is traditionally brewed with honey and hops inflorescences, but today most people use brown sugar in place of the honey and since most people don’t have access to fresh hops they simply omit the flowers from their recipe. I’m going to give you both options so that if you have one or both of those ingredients you can try it and see what you prefer.

For the recipe please head over to Jodi’s blog:

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