The Lemon Tree Project is about:

Creating beautiful & inspiring spaces in every street where neighbours can congregate and share.

Lets face it, we don’t all have room for a lemon tree in our backyards and why should we need to when we have so much public space available right across our municipalities.

TLTP is centered around a communal lemon tree, herb garden and park bench.

Lemon trees are versatile and abundant and lemons are almost infinitely useful.

One lemon tree can provide enough fruit to serve a street full of people so why not share a tree with your neighbours? I mean how many people who have a lemon tree use all of the lemons themselves? Not many!

It’s about getting people gardening and creating important community connections.

Of course, it doesn’t have to end with lemon trees. TLTP sites are flexible. What makes them successful is when the community has what they genuinely need – the things they use on a regular basis: lemons, limes, hardly perennial herbs like rosemary, oregano, thyme, sage and so on.
But fruits and herbs on their own aren’t that exciting. What about the pollinators and beneficial bugs? They have needs too! We find that the sites which are most successful are those where the productive plants have been used in combination with hardy ornamentals and indigenous plants that give the sites structure. We definitely encourage you to use indigenous plants for both their aesthetic appeal and to provide habitat for the birds, lizards and insects that will keep your site healthy.

We’re sending out an invitation to the people of world:

It’s Come join the revolution! Get out there and create an amazing space with your neighbours.

We want to know who is getting on board so if your community has developed a TLTP site, write to us. Tell us your stories and share your photos. Or better yet, link us into your own blog articles.
If you’re on Instagram you can find us @thelemontreeproject Feel free to tag us in your photos and make sure you use our hashtag #TLTP
Our cities need more food production and this is one simple way that you can help bring food security to the cities of the world.
We’ll share the best stories on our blog so that everyone can be inspired by the great work you have done for your community.

Just so you know, this project does not belong to us – it belongs to you!

Together we can change the world, one street at a time!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. paul says:

    we reckon there might be enough lemon trees in our neighbourhood so our nature strip has an almond, elderberry, pomegranit, persimon. mulberry. avocado, lilypilly, tropical guava, rhaspberry, pecan nut, jerusaleum arthichoke, pumpkin, potatoe, loquat, chilean guava, silverbeet, fig…. hmmm and maybe some other stuff. We have found it hugely social and explain to passer byes that they are welcome to graze whenever they wish (not sure what to do about the folk who arrive with buckets to take everything eh).

  2. ArbPlan says:

    Reblogged this on Your Daily Greens and commented:
    Came across this exciting project. Would love to see more of this in our urban landscape. Not only does this have a positive effect on food security, it has positive implications socially. Great way to get people to talk with their neighbours and other community members.

    I strongly encourage my readers to check this blog out and start utilising their front gardens.

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